Everything to Know About an Access Panel Door

access panel installation tools

Builders place the house’s plumbing pipes and electrical wires within the walls because those structures need to be well protected. Also, visible cables and pipes will not look pleasant to the eyes. And to access them, we use the access panel door.

But there is another use of the door. We can turn the attic into a storeroom for unused goods. And in that case, we can also use an access panel door as the entering point.

However, there are many types of access panel door. They come in different sizes and materials. Now that you have learned why we need to use an access panel, we will discuss how to install it the right way.

Choosing the Materials

An access panel door does not only give access from the main room to the maintenance room, but it should protect what is inside as well. And whether your building is for a commercial or residential purpose, you must think of the building’s fire safety.


Drywall material has been popular for its lightweight, versatility, and aesthetics. There are drywall access panels on the market. And the ones that have glass fibers in them are relatively fireproof. However, things that might concern you is its vulnerability to mold and fungus. A drywall access panel is best only for the ceiling, and not the plumbing.


A gypsum access panel has everything that the drywall does. And in terms of its strength, gypsum is superior. A gypsum access panel is also excellent in preventing the moisture from leaking to the inner side of the room.


A steel access panel is the most cost-efficient among the other twos. It is also noncombustible and robust. The only weakness of steel is that it may not withstand rust and corrosion.

After you get the brief picture of the material description, it is time for you to browse the recessed access panel on the Internet. Select the brand that matches your budget and gives you the best deal.

Installation Guide

planning on paperAccess door installation is easy. First, you have to prepare all the tools: a measuring tape, level, jab saw, and a caulking gun. Now that you have all the tools, you can start the installation by measuring the access panel. After that, you can saw a hole in the wall with the right measurement according to the previous step. Then, install the access panel housing and caulk its edges. And all is done!

Additional Notes

Panel door installation is quick and easy. But if you do not do everything correctly, the panel will look like a hole in the wall. Aesthetics is the only tricky thing in this process.

After the installation, step back for a while and see if the access panel blends nicely with the surrounding view. Sometimes, you need to paint the panel in the same color as the wall. Sometimes, you do not need to.