Tips for Reducing Errors When Fixing Elmdor Drywall Access Doors

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If you want to get your drywall skills to the next level to improve the quality of your finish job in a way that is looking smoother than ever before, then you need to go through the tips outlined in this article. You will need dry-wall finishing skills when you are working with the Elmdor DWB series access doors or similarly featured components for your construction. Remember the need for preparation as that greatly affects the quality of work you will display when you are through with the job.

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Select the Right Drywall Access Door

A little research should lead you in the right direction in picking an appropriate access door for your house or office building project. You should also take measurements for your access area and the location to aid you in picking the right one. You must mark the openings and measure them before repeating the markings with a different color to know the exact fit for the drywall access door.

Get the Access Door

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Select your appropriate access door and bring it on site to complete the job. The assumption here is that you already have a preferred way of accomplishing this task and shipping the item. You might order it together with other building components for the project, or you might drive to the store and pick the single item. In most case, you would order online and choose an appropriate delivery schedule.

Mix the Compound

You need to open the bucket for the compound you will use to fix the access door. You will need to remove a quart of the joint compound since you must have space for the solvent. Use water as your solvent and add two or three cups then mix the compound in stirring action. Vary the consistency of the puddle according to the use. The final coats should be thicker than the hand taping use. If you do not use the entire bucket, transfer the joint compound to another container before adding water to mix.

Thin Your Mixture

The good idea is to thin the mixture instead of using it out of the pail directly. The thick compound is hard to work with and can be a reason for bumps in the finish. Therefore, consider using more than one container to thin, which leaves you with different thinned compounds to compare and use as you wish.

Pre-Fill Gaps & Mud One Side at a Time

You should move on to pre-fill gaps using the setting compound because it dries fast without shrinking. It is better than your regular compound for jobs with many gaps. After that, you will cut a V-groove with a utility knife then cover it with the joint compound before laying tape over it. You should smooth one side and wait for it to dry before moving to another one.

Wet Tape Before Embedding

When you are taping the corners of the metal outside corner beads of your drywall access door, you need to damp it because you do not want cracks to appear. You can cut the bubbled parts of the tape later and repeat the mudding process.